Contain Yourself

The Anchor

This compact home is truly a “tiny” house! At 160 square feet, it still finds room for a queen-size bed, custom tiled walk-in shower, refrigerator and more! The full-glass front doors, made out of the original container doors, swing 270° to allow the outdoors in and indoors out.

The rooftop deck offers a great place to relax, fire up a grill or stargaze at night. The clean, sleek cable railing makes the deck a safe place while still offering unrestricted views of the surroundings. Optional LED rail-mounted lights give a soft glow to the deck and trim the house beautifully at night.

Inside features a custom Murphy bed that turns into a sofa in the day and a super-comfy queen bed at night. It can be set up and taken down in less than a minute literally with your little pinky! Granite or quartz countertops, pine shiplap throughout and custom-built wood casement windows complete the interior of this exquisite, cute CargoHome. Carefully spaced cedar siding clads the exterior of the container shading it from the sun while still allowing glimpses of the original container beneath.

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