Frequently Asked Questions

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They’re relatively cheap–in the United States, the median sales price for an existing home is $245,100, according to the National Association of Realtors. Basic container homes can be built for under $20k if you’re building yourself.

They’re durable. Made to haul 20 to 30 tons and to be stacked 10 high and hauled around the world, these airtight, watertight, metal structures are made to last.

They’re minimalist, which is trendy and unique.

They’re portable. There is a proven network of systems to easily move containers not just around the country, but around the world.

They’re Eco-friendly. Every time a shipping container is recycled into a home there is around 8,000 pounds of steel being repurposed. Each year over half a million shipping containers are abandoned.

Pretty much all containers are made in China. They’re typically shipped to the U.S with a small load instead of coming empty. These are called “one-trippers” and are basically brand new. Others are decommissioned after 10-15 years of global travel and can be bought from ports for very cheap.

The container walls are just a heavy gauge corrugated steel when we get them so we have to build out stud walls inside and then spray-foam or install rigid foam to insulate them. Because they are so airtight, they have very good thermal qualities even without full 2×4 depth insulation. Of course, in much colder climates than Texas they can be more heavily insulated.

Yes! That’s one of the beauties of container homes–there are trucks, trains and trailers designed specifically for moving containers. They are incredibly strong so moving them does not hurt them structurally at all.

Yes! We deliver some ourselves and partner with other container home movers as well.

The process starts with a conversation about what you’re looking for in a container home and how it can fit into your location. We’ll discuss potential zoning and permitting issues. Once you’ve decided you want to move forward with owning a CargoHome, if you choose one of our standard models we will go over basic options and sign a construction contract. We require 50% down to begin building, 25% upon completion and the remaining 25% on delivery. If you want to completely design a custom CargoHome, we ask for a $2500 nonrefundable design consultation fee and we will work with you to design your dream tiny home. Each customer will have their own interactive webpage where pictures and comments of the progress on your CargoHome will be posted

We don’t directly offer financing but we are eager to assist you in any way we can. We also take credit cards and can even split the cost between several payment methods. We hope to be able to offer financing in the future but aren’t able to at this point.

Yes, all electrical, plumbing and mechanical on the CargoHome is done to code under licensed tradesmen. Structurally, there isn’t a “code” for either container homes or even tiny houses. This can be an issue, especially if you are trying to bring the home into city limits where there are inspection and permitting requirements. There are a number of ways to work around and with these issues so we will need to discuss it if you think this could be a problem. In many places, especially in Texas, outside of city limits there are no restrictions on ADUs (auxiliary dwelling units).

Yes, we do. It starts with a nonrefundable $2500 design consultation fee and final pricing will greatly vary depending on design complexity and materials.

Yes, every CargoHome comes with a 180 day “stern to bow” warranty for defective craftsmanship of any sort. We will provide a signed warranty contract upon successful delivery and setup.

CargoHomes are incredibly energy efficient and the perfect home to make energy independent. Contact us to discuss what your goals are for being off-grid.