Alternative Investment Ideas for Shipping Containers

Instead of fixating on that perfect property, it’s time to start thinking outside the box in your investment planning – or rather, to start thinking about the box. Used shipping containers are ideal for building a range of industrial-grade facilities on a budget, while still allowing you to keep your options open. Starting with used […]

Return On Investment of Container Homes

Building a vacation rental home in a popular tourist location and renting it out by the night is an increasingly popular way to gain a home away from home and is also an attractive way to gain a year-round income. Yet despite this rising trend, one unique form of construction is poignantly missing—shipping container homes! […]

Container Homes Around The World

When you think about living or staying in a Container home, you may think that the experience will feel minimalist, cramped, or even like you are “roughing it”. These Container Home owners around the world beg to differ! Our first Container home we will visit is in Brisbane, Australia. Using over 30 shipping containers to […]

Five Things You Should Know Before Building With Shipping Containers

Constructing a shipping container home is an exciting and rewarding endeavor, but it can also be a challenging experience. One of the main things to keep in mind is, shipping containers are unique as far as building materials go. As such, they have their own confounding issues as well as fascinating advantages I want to […]

Dallas Fort-Worth Constructs Plans for First Neighborhood of Shipping Containers in US

A recent article in the Dallas Morning News tells of a development going up in the neighborhood community of McKinney Texas made completely of shipping containers. The project, initiated by Habitat for Humanity is looking for a solution for low-income residents in the DFW area. When complete next year, Cotton Groves neighborhood will contain 35 […]

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