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Container Homes Around the World

When you think about living or staying in a Container home, you may think that the experience will feel minimalist, cramped, or even like you are “roughing it”. These Container Home owners around the world beg to differ!

Our first Container home we will visit is in Brisbane, Australia. Using over 30 shipping containers to construct this container “mansion”, the architects included 4 bedrooms, a gym and an art studio. While this isn’t your typical container home model, it is a testament to the shipping container as a viable, sturdy, and even luxurious building material. This home cost around $450,000 to build, but was well worth the investment, as the owners eventually sold the house for double the build cost! That’s called smart investing, mate!

Graceville Container Home

Graceville Container Home in Australia

The next Container Home we will explore is called The Caterpillar House, located just outside Santiago, Chile. This home was built by world renowned architect, Sebastián Irarrázaval. Constructed out of 12 shipping containers, this house was built to render electronic air conditioning unnecessary. This house uses the cool, natural mountain breeze to pass through the house in a passive cooling system!

Caterpillar House

The Caterpillar House Container Home

The last home on our quick tour is located in Kansas City and was designed by a former toy designer, Debbie Glassberg. She built this house from five shipping containers, with the main goal in mind to show that building out of shipping containers doesn’t have to be super-industrial or minimalist. In fact, it can be playful and quirky. She painted the walls in Tiffany blue, and adorned the ceilings with hand-sculpted tiles!

Kansas Container Home

Debbie Glassberg’s Custom Container Home

More than anything, these home designers and architects have shown the versatility of shipping containers and the customization that is possible when you are building your own Container Home! What is on your wishlist for your dream Container Home? Let us know in the comments!


The Shipping Container Home: Friendly To Our Environment

There are approximately 17 million shipping containers around the world, with only about 5-6 million currently in circulation. Often times, shipping containers are left stacked at their destination city, as it is cheaper to do that than to ship them back to Asia or Europe. These huge shipping ports are sitting on millions of unused shipping containers. So, what can we do with all of them? Is there an environment friendly way to handle all this?

Shipping Containers at Port

Shipping Containers Stacked at Port

One might say, “Couldn’t we just melt the shipping containers down and reuse the metal?” Well that would take an absurd amount of energy (about the same amount as an average household in America uses in a year), which would not be efficient and certainly not eco-friendly.

What are some other options? Well, shipping containers are currently being repurposed for all sorts of interesting projects (read our last blog to see some of these), but most widely they are being recycled to build container homes!

Container Home from CargoHome

CargoHome Model “The Anchor” Container Home

Those who build their homes out of shipping containers are literally living inside a recyclable. They are utilizing the pre-used steel and giving the shipping container a new purpose. Additionally, by using recycled materials, they are reducing the overall demand for other resources that would be used to build a home from the ground up, like concrete, wood and bricks. Some estimate that it takes around 2 acres of trees to build the average American home!

Many people see shipping containers as an important player in our future of sustainable and eco-friendly architecture! Here at CargoHome we think using shipping containers to build homes is a viable way to reduce deforestation and excess production. What do you think? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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