Alternative Investment Ideas for Shipping Containers

Instead of fixating on that perfect property, it’s time to start thinking outside the box in your investment planning – or rather, to start thinking about the box. Used shipping containers are ideal for building a range of industrial-grade facilities on a budget, while still allowing you to keep your options open. Starting with used shipping containers, you can then seek out the perfect niche as an investor.

 Store It Up

 One viable option for repurposing shipping containers is creating storage facilities; whether that be college students who need to store their junk for summer, or people storing inventory for small businesses, storage facilities or big business.

Used shipping containers are an ideal platform for a storage facility because they protect their contents from the elements, are spacious enough to create numerous small units within, and have a low initial investment. Its significantly less expensive to build a storage facility than it is to build homes on the same property, and the revenues are often greater. Add in the cost savings from using shipping containers, and you’re looking at a health ROI!

Down on the Farm

Farming and raising livestock are traditional operations that can benefit, financially and logistically from repurposed shipping containers. That’s because these businesses require a lot of room for housing animals, feed and machinery. Building all the individual structures from the ground up can be very costly and time consuming. With shipping containers, however, you can save time and money by introducing sturdy, prefabricated structures to your business, increasing the facilities ROI. And unlike the people who frequent other real estate investments, like hotels or even stores, the animals aren’t very interested in the aesthetics of their housing and surrounds.


With these factors in mind, are you prepared to invest in something different? By considering properties outside typical residential or commercial spaces and developing them with low-cost shipping containers, you can achieve significant returns on your original investment. But these ideas are just scratching the surface of the myriads of alternative ways you can use shipping containers for an investment. Let us know your ideas in the comments section below!

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